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Vinyl In Exeter

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Rooster Records has over 75,000 items in stock. It really is a veritable treasure trove of goodies, with records imported from the four corners of the globe. And, if they don’t have what you are looking for they will do their utmost to obtain a copy using their extensive network of suppliers.

They are always buying incredible vinyl collections and unearthing amazing rarities, and the stock is constantly changing. So, come and visit this little record heaven!


  • New & Used
  • Vinyl LP, 12″ & 7″ Records
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Imports
  • Rarities
  • Deletions

Rooster Records offer an Ordering service and if you are considering selling your collection, they will buy them with top prices paid.

Owner Jaimie says:-

We’ve seen a huge rise in the sale of vinyl over the last few years which, ironically, now comfortably outsells CDs states Jaimie. The youngsters are buying it for the retro appeal. They have their ipods but don’t feel as though they own anything tangible. And older age groups are going back to it, often to replace their CD collections!

For a growing number of music listeners, vinyl is the once and now future king, the only format that stands the test of time. It’s that luscious black plastic, those dusty grooves, the full-size technicolour cover art, the rich, vibrant sound and let us not forget, the collectability. Rare vinyl just seems to rise in value all the time. It’s a whole different way of experiencing music and it’s easy to get hooked. Also, many new LPs are being pressed now, often on high quality heavy duty vinyl. We still sell plenty of CDs, particularly imports and hard to find back catalogue titles, but it’s vinyl that’s carrying the day.

There is something for everyone at Rooster Records, as all genres are catered for

Why Rooster Records?

Jaimie chose the name of the shop by drawing up a shortlist of about ten likely candidates and giving it to family and friends to see which they liked. Rooster Records was the clear winner so that was what he went with!

Plenty Of Life In Vinyl Yet!

Even though the trend over recent years has seen the demise of record shops, Jaimie is optimistic about the future of the business. Jamie thinks that Rooster Records is probably the last independent record shop in Exeter. This can make him feel like the last man standing. However, he is convinced that there is plenty of life left in vinyl music. He and many others find vinyl is so soulful containing qualities that downloaded music does simply not possess.

The Rooster Records Story

Rooster Records started in Taunton, Somerset in 1995 at a time when sales of the CDs were in the ascendancy and the vinyl record seemed to appeal only to the hard core collector. Twelve years later, owner Jaimie Fennell sold his old store in 2006 and moved to 98 Fore Street, Exeter, Devon where he canbe now found.

Jaimie’s original career choice was as a lawyer and he worked for a firm of Solicitors in Taunton.

Jaimie says:

I had always been a keen record collector and after ten unfulfilling years in the legal profession decided to give it a go and follow my dream. People said I was nuts to throw away a career but I haven’t looked back since. It’s very hard work and the hours are long, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I often travel far and wide to buy records and get a real buzz from chatting with a customer about their collection over a cup of tea!

Jaimie’s favourite is all things sixties and seventies. He runs a radio show he presents once a month called ‘Nuggets From The Vinyl Era’ on Exeter’s own local station 106.8 Phonic FM.

Where To Find Rooster Records

98, Fore Street,

Tel: 01392 272009
Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday : 10:00am to 5:30pm
Sunday: Closed

Car Park: Mary Arches Car Park
Train Station: Exeter Central

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